Tea hut

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Food prep, free refreshments , food storage & news papers.

A fabulous tea hut is located in the long corridor on the way to the pool. The tea hut is well-stocked with fresh refreshments and a supply of newspapers. We provide free tea, coffee and chilled water  This area is also used as a food preparation and storage area – you are welcome to put any food and drink that you have brought with  you into the fridge.  Sticky labels are also provided here to identify your items.  There is also a microwave that all guests are welcome to use.   There is a free soft-drinks bar in the Meet and Greet area, and vending machines on the patio.

Alcohol is permitted in all areas, but drink sensibly!  Also bear in mind that alcohol will dehydrate you quite quickly, so please make sure that  you take breaks, and drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself, especially when using the hot tubs and the swimming pool.
Please use the plastic drinkware supplied.
The tea-hut is checked and replenished regularly, but if anything is amiss, please let the hosts know.

As this is a food preparation area, we politely ask that all guests wear at least a towel when using the tea-hut.


  • Operating Hours:

    First Thursday of every month
    from 7 PM till midnight.
  • Address:

    MPP, Heathrow
    Horton Road,
    Stanwell Moor Village,
    TW19 6AE
  • Telephone:

    075 8497 2002