Social club and party house

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A popular area to find people chatting and mingling is the meet and greet area.

There, you will find a reasonably sized bar with a  dispenser providing free, sparkling soft drinks to help keep you hydrated and refreshed.

Throughout the year, dozens of parties are hosted in this section of the Park and delicious food is also provided. However, when the Men’s Pleasure Park is operating on a normal day, without a party, you may want to bring your own food to keep you nourished throughout your visit.
A large, glass fronted fridge stands against the wall just as you enter the meet and greet area. If you have brought your own food and drink, you are welcome to store them here.  Beside each fridge is a table on which you will find a supply of plastic cups, kitchen towel to wipe up the inevitable spills, and labels which you can use to identify your own items.

The meet and greet area is clean, well presented and a good size. It is used throughout the year for all events hosted here at the Park.

As the meet and greet area is close to the cinema, plenty of people pass through to get there. So, if you're into people watching, prop yourself up at the bar with a long cool drink, have a chat to your neighbour and simply watch the people making their way through the room.


Leading on from the meet and greet room you will notice several tables and chairs, and placed at the back of the room is a pole which is used for, you’ve guessed it, pole dancing.
So, if the mood should take you and you would like to demonstrate your pole dancing skills, we encourage you to let your hair down and give it your best moves.
The room, in general, is used as a social and dance area where you can eat, drink, socialise and of course bust a move on the dance floor.
In hot weather, this room is air-conditioned so you can party, dance and socialise in comfort.

Men’s Pleasure Park, Heathrow has hosted hundreds of amazing events with the central hub of the event being the dance floor.



  • Operating Hours:

    First Thursday of every month
    from 7 PM till midnight.
  • Address:

    MPP, Heathrow
    Horton Road,
    Stanwell Moor Village,
    TW19 6AE
  • Telephone:

    075 8497 2002