Wooden love shack

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Beautiful wooden love shack. Chatting, chilling, sex.

A beautiful wooden love shack, located right next to the hot tub. Don’t mistake this quaint little building for a summer house. It definitely is a place for sexual pleasure and enjoyment.
The wooden love shack has a large and very comfortable bed for you to have sex on, or if you wish you can use it to simply to relax. The front of the building is completely open with glass panelled French doors and a French window.
Voyeurs who would like to look into the the wooden shack and catch a glimpse of your sexual exploits can do so with ease.

Each love shack has signs that you can hang on the outside of the door: “No Entry” if you want privacy, or “Please join us” if your philosophy is “the more the merrier!”
All our rooms are heated to about 23 degrees, so that even in the depths of winter, you can go as naked as you wish

Hygiene is vitally important to us, so all our rooms are equipped with tissue and cleaning spray.  Every room is checked regularly, but if any of them fall short of expectations, please inform one of the hosts.

  • Operating Hours:

    First Thursday of every month
    from 7 PM till midnight.
  • Address:

    MPP, Heathrow
    Horton Road,
    Stanwell Moor Village,
    TW19 6AE
  • Telephone:

    075 8497 2002